About Michael R. Burns


I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Management from Texas A&M University. I spent eleven years with Southwestern Bell and AT&T in marketing before starting my telemarketing company. I also started Conference Pros International, an audio, web and video conferencing business, which I operated for ten years and sold to Vialogue in 1999. I then founded A+ Conferencing, which I still operate today.

I have written two other nonfiction books. The first one was titled, “Telemarketing, Setting Up for Success”, which was published in 1987 by Technology Marketing Corporation. The book was a “how to” book on establishing a telemarketing operation for small to medium sized businesses. Since I was in the telemarketing business for twenty four years, I used this book as my business card to recruit new customers to my telemarketing company, TeleSystems Marketing, Inc. The second book that I wrote was “ The Boomer’s Guide to Recovering Your Lost Retirement, The Bill Fisher Story”, which was self-published on Amazon through Create Space in 2012. This book is about my father in law, Bill Fisher, and how he used the investment strategies of investing in DRIP stocks, municipal bonds and residential rental properties to build multiple sources on income for his retirement.

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